Executve Drug Rehab

Executve Drug Rehab

Executives wanting to successfully address any issues they may have with substance abuse need a program that has been purpose designed for executives.

Despite their advertising few if any of the current residential rehab facilities actually provide this. You only have to look at the plethora of programs they offer and the varying lengths of these so called programs e.g. 30 days, 60 days and 90 days to understand they do not specialise. The vast majority of them run on variations of the 12 Step Facilitation Model mixed in with the Therapeutic Community Model. These models are designed around time spent in the facility, frequent repetition of the message and a deductive learning delivery none of which are suitable for the executive.

21 Renew is a customised 21 day program specifically designed for executives who are time poor. The program designer Graeme Alford has built the program on the very latest learning techniques so as the participants learn more in their time at 21Renew than they would in 90 days at a traditional residential treatment facility.

Prior to acceptance into the program each applicant completes a suitability assessment to ensure 21Renew is for them. Once they have been accepted into the program a full Assessment is completed to ensure maximum outcomes over the 21 days. This level of customisation is complemented by each course having a maximum of 8.
21Renew understands executives may need to have communication with their office, staff, management team or clients. To cater for this internet and telephone access is available.

Each client has their own bedroom and all meals are prepared by highly experienced staff. Professional masseuses provide stress relieving massages and there is plenty of time allocated for renewing the body.

The 21Renew team are experienced professionals who are led by Graeme Alford and they provide every participant with a life changing experience.

Confidentiality and privacy are the cornerstones of every part of an executives stay with Renew21.
The founder of 21 Renew is Graeme Alford who was labelled “The Comeback King” by Channel 2’s Australian Story. His life almost defies belief. Once a successful Melbourne barrister his addiction to alcohol wrecked his career, marriage and saw him eventually convicted of armed robbery. At his lowest ebb, a prison psychologist described him as a tragic figure. Graeme was diagnosed with brain damage and regarded by one and all as a hopeless case.
Graeme refused to accept failure and analysed what had gone wrong. He set himself goals and came up with a personal philosophy he called “mental toughness” … a merciless regime of self-improvement. He got his weight down, and his IQ back up to the point where noted psychologist Ian Joblin said, “It is the most remarkable statistical turnaround I have ever seen.”

Graeme also kicked his alcohol dependency and has been free of alcohol for the past 35 years.

He has written three books including the best seller “Never Give Up” and was responsible for the first ever visits to Australia by “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf, Lee Iacocca, Mikhail Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela.

Over the past 25 years Graeme has designed and produced numerous training programs, counselled hundreds of people with substance abuse issues, completed his Diploma in Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs and worked with numerous executives to help them overcome their issues with substance abuse.

Graeme’s unique background provides 21Renew with a cutting edge program for executives and an unparalleled level of expertise and insight into the specific needs of the executive who needs to deal with substance abuse issue.

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